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By Ivor Griffiths
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My latest poetry is below. English poetry is on the rise...

I am going to keep a poetry blog, I will try and create entries everyday.
The Blog is here Poetry Blog & Short Stories & Rambling

A new poem of mine, "Today is the Greatest Day", will be published soon in The South poetry magazine.
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Grey Scale
By Ivor Griffiths
Grey Scale

He stared into mist, on a shale shoreline
of crunching grey stone, like a chrysalis crushed.
Hearing whispers hissed by the freezing rain,

The weary outsider shouldered the wind,
in heavy black boots, struggled to stand
peering into mist on a shale shoreline.

Flinching at the screech of a gimlet-eyed gull,
the stooped-back stranger raised his hand.
Hearing whispers hissed by the freezing rain

pointing at the wreckage, splintered and wrapped
in sea-scent, limpets, seaweed, and sand;
peering into mist on a shale shoreline,

the white-noise soothing of gentle grey waves,
like the static fizz from a radiogram.
Hearing whispers hissed by the freezing rain,

numbed faces cupped by our shaking wet hands,
shivering and blowing, with shoulders hunched,
peering into mist on a shale shoreline,
hearing whispers hissed by the freezing rain.
by Ivor Griffiths 2007
Ivor Griffiths :: Poetry Blog
By Ivor Griffiths
I now have a blog here at the English Poetry Blog
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Poems and stories, horror and gothic, realism and surrealism. Poetry UK, English Poems, Lake District Poet. Free Verse in the UK, Lancashire and Cumbria Artist. Poems and verse, Ted Hughes and Ginsberg combine to create one of England's finest new talents. The poetry and prosae of The Poet Ivor Griffiths is outstanding. Having learned the craft of writing in the white heat of life's furnace of creation he has immersed himself in the gothic and anthropomorphic imagery of Hughes with the atmospheric ability of Clive Barker and the Wit of Pratchett> Emerging talent like this is rarely discovered, perhaps once in a century will poems by Ivor Griffiths emerge onto an unsuspecting poetry and literary world. He cites his inspiration as emanating from Joan Didion, Graham Swift, Tonui Morrison, Flannery O'Connor, Kurt Vonnegut. He also draws on the scripts of Tennessee Williams and Wlliam Shakespeare. He creates p[rose of such vivid imagery and symbolism that Post Moderniist critics can barely disguise their admiration for such fine prose. Ivor Griffiths Novelist Ivor Griffiths Poet Ivor Griffiths IT Consultant I J Griffiths Web Designer andf Developer I J Griffiths Database Programmer I. J. Griffiths Author and Novelist. Post Modernist gothic storiries, horror and scriptwriting. Mentoring and critiques. Submit work for feedback and criticism. Creative writing workshops, online writers forum and message boards. Sign up for online tutoring. Get published online poet and author. Blog and free verse. American Fiction and Contemporary writing and drafts considered.

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