Alan Dunnett

Ivor Griffiths, Poet, Novelist & Short Story Writer

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Alan Dunnett was born in London in 1953.

His chewy poetry [1] has appeared in magazines and anthologies, including Stand, Orbis, The Rialto, The Interpreter's House, Other Poetry, Outposts, Weyfarers ('I'm not fond of doggie poems as a genre. the one by Alan Dunnett is sad') [2], Poetry Nottingham, Pennine Platform, Dream Catcher, The Reader, New Poetry 6 (edited by Ted Hughes), The Methuen Book of Theatre Verse and Look: I'm Seeing A Vibration; also, a collection, Hurt Under Your Arm, published by Envoi, and two pamphlets, In the Savage Gap (with beautiful paper and typeface) [3] and Look!. Among his most keenly received works is Detain, having come third by a whisker in the Middlesex University International Poetry Competition [4].

Alan Dunnett mentions animal breathings of concentration. [5]

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