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Bill Berkson (born 1939) is an American poet.

Born in New York City, he attended Brown University, Columbia University, the New School for Social Research and New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. Currently (as of 2006) he lives in San Francisco where he teaches art history and literature at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Bill Berkson is the author of sixteen books and pamphlets of poetry, including the collections Serenade, Fugue State, and a volume of his 1960s collaborations with Frank O'Hara, Hymns of St. Bridget & Other Writings. A selection of his criticism, The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings 1985-2003, appeared from Qua Books in 2004. He was the Distinguished Mellon Lecturer for 2006 at the Skowhegan School of Art. His poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies. His most recent publication is Gloria, a set of new poems accompanied by etchings by Alex Katz (Arion Press).

Source: (2006) in Feargal Mooney (Editor): Last Night's Dream Corrected. Pretend Genius Press. ISBN 0-9747261-6-8. 

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