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Carla Harryman (born 1952) is an American poet and playwright sometimes associated with the Language poets.

Harryman was born and raised in Orange, California and studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara and San Francisco State University. In 1978, she co-founded the Poets' Theater in San Francisco. The theatre survived until 1984 and staged experimental plays, including a number written by Harryman.

Harryman lives in Michigan, and teaches at Wayne State University. She is married to the poet Barrett Watten.


She has published twelve books of poems, plays and essays

  • Percentage (Tuumba Press)
  • Property (Tuumba Press)
  • Under the Bridge (This)
  • The Middle (Gaz)
  • Vice (Potes and Poets)
  • Animal Instincts: Prose, Plays, Essays (This, 1989)
  • In the Mode of (Zasterle)
  • Memory Play (O Books)
  • There Never Was a Rose Without a Thorn (City Lights, 1995)
  • The Words: After Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories and Jean-Paul Sartre (O Books)
  • Gardener of Stars (Atelos, novel, 2001)
  • Baby (Adventures in Poetry)
  • Open Box (Improvisations), Belladonna Books, Brooklyn, NY, 2007

She is also the co-editor of Lust for Life: On the Writing of Kathy Acker (Verso, 2006), also edited by Amy Scholder and Avital Ronell.

  • From Gardener of Stars - a novel

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