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Ivor Griffiths, Poet, Novelist & Short Story Writer

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Elaine Feinstein (born 24 October 1930, Bootle, Lancashire) is a poet, novelist, playwright, biographer, short-story writer and translator.


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  • Newnham College, Cambridge
  • She has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Leicester.


Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as an editor for Cambridge University Press (1960-62), as Lecturer in English at Bishop's Stortford Training College (1963-6), as Assistant Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Essex (1967-70), and as a journalist.

She contributes to many periodicals, including the Times Literary Supplement, and was Writer in Residence for the British Council in Singapore and Tromsø, Norway.

Of Russian-Jewish ancestry, she has been influenced by Russian writers, especially Marina Tsvetayeva and Anna Akhmatova.

She is the author of a number of plays for television and radio and several biographies, including singer Bessie Smith, writer D. H. Lawrence, Poet Laureate Ted Hughes and Anna Akhmatova.


  • In a Green Eye: Goliard Press, 1966
  • Selected Poems of John Clare (editor): University Tutorial Press, 1968
  • The Circle: Hutchinson, 1970
  • Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetayeva (editor): Oxford University Press, 1971
  • The Magic Apple Tree: Hutchinson, 1971
  • At the Edge: Sceptre Press, 1972
  • Matters of Chance (short stories): Covent Garden Press, 1972
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  • The Celebrants and Other Poems: Hutchinson, 1973
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  • Some Unease and Angels: Hutchinson, 1977
  • The Shadow Master: Hutchinson, 1978
  • New Stories Four (co-editor with Fay Weldon): Arts Council, 1979
  • Three Russian Poets: Margarita Aliger, Yunna Moritz & Bella Akhmadulina (translator) Carcanet, 1979
  • The Silent Areas: Hutchinson, 1980
  • The Feast of Eurydice Next Editions/Faber and Faber, 1981
  • The Survivors: Hutchinson, 1982
  • The Border: Hutchinson, 1984
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  • Badlands: Hutchinson, 1986
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  • First Draft: Poems by Nika Turbina (translator with Antonina W. Bouis): Marion Boyars, 1988
  • Mother's Girl: Hutchinson, 1988
  • PEN New Poetry II (editor): Quartet, 1988
  • All You Need: Hutchinson, 1989
  • City Music: Hutchinson, 1990
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  • Lawrence's Women: The Intimate Life of D. H. Lawrence: HarperCollins, 1993
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  • Pushkin: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1998
  • After Pushkin (editor and introduction): Carcanet, 1999
  • Gold: Carcanet, 2000
  • Dark Inheritance: Women's Press, 2001
  • Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2001
  • Collected Poems and Translations: Carcanet, 2003
  • Anna of all the Russias: The Life of a Poet under Stalin: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2005

Prizes and awards

  • 1970: Arts Council Grant/Award for Translation
  • 1971: Daisy Miller Prize
  • 1979: Arts Council Grant/Award for Translation
  • 1981: Arts Council Grant/Award for Translation
  • 1990: Cholmondeley Award
  • Anglo-Jewish poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinstein by Peter Lawson: ISBN 0-85303-617-9

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