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Gilbert Adair (born December 29, 1944 in Edinburgh) is an author, film critic, and journalist who won the Scott Moncrieff Translation Prize for his book A Void, which is a translation of the French book La Disparition by Georges Perec. From 1992 to 1996 he wrote the "Scrutiny" column for The Sunday Times.

From 1968 to 1980 he lived in Paris, France. At present he lives in London, England.

The 1997 film Love and Death on Long Island by Richard Kwietniowski was based on his 1990 novel of the same name.

The film The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci, with a script by Adair, was based on material from three of his books, The Holy Innocents, The Dreamers, and Buenas Noches, Buenos Aires.

He is currently writing a stage version of Love and Death on Long Island which is being developed by producers New Gods and Heroes


  • Hollywood's Vietnam (1981) - non-fiction
  • Alice through the Needle's Eye (1984)
  • A Night at the Pictures (with Nick Roddick) (1985)
  • Myths & Memories (1986)
  • Peter Pan and the Only Children (1987)
  • The Holy Innocents (1988) - winner of the Authors' Club First Novel Award
  • Letters, by François Truffaut (translator & editor) (1990)
  • Love and Death on Long Island (1990)
  • The Death of the Author (1992)
  • The Postmodernist Always Rings Twice (1992) - non-fiction
  • A Void, by Georges Perec (translator) (1994)
  • Flickers (1995)
  • Wonder Tales: Six French Stories of Enchantment (editor with Marina Warner) (1995)
  • Surfing the Zeitgeist (1997)
  • The Key of the Tower (1997)
  • A Closed Book (1999) - a literary thriller about a prize-winning novelist left blind after a serious car accident.
  • Movies (editor) (1999)
  • Zazie in the Metro, by Raymond Queneau (introduction) (2000)
  • The Real Tadzio (2001) - a biography of the boy (Baron Władysław Moes) who inspired Thomas Mann's Death in Venice
  • The Dreamers (2003) - a tale of sexual obsession set against the backdrop of the Paris street riots of 1968
  • Buenas Noches, Buenos Aires (2004) - the story of Gideon, a young Englishman in 1980s Paris, on the verge of sexual discovery
  • The Act of Roger Murgatroyd (2006) - a murder mystery set in the 1930s on Dartmoor.
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