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Grażyna Miller (born January 29, 1957) is a poet, born in Poland.


Currently she lives in Italy, where she writes poems and translates publications from Polish into Italian. She is also a literary critic whose work is published by the most prestigious Italian press media. Her most notable accomplishment is the translation of Roman Triptych (Meditations) (Trittico romano (Meditazioni) for Pope John Paul II (Joannes Paulus PP II). This book was published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana and, on March 6th 2003, presented by the (then) Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Books she wrote:

  • "Curriculum" (1988)
  • "Sull'onda del respiro" ("On the Wave of Breath") (2000)
  • "Alibi di una farfalla" ("Alibi of a Butterfly") (2002)

Awards and Accomplishments

  • in Italy:
    • Award from the Ministry of Italian Culture 2002 - Rome
    • National Award of Press and Literature in Alghero - Donna (2004) - Sardegna Alghero
    • National Award of Religious Poetry (2001) - Benevento
    • International Award of Luigi Vanvitelli (2001) - Caserta
    • International Award Città di Marineo (2002) - Sycily Marineo
  • in Poland:
    • International Award of "The Best of the Year 2001" and a Gold Medal from the Jagellon University in Cracow
  • in Spain:
    • International Award of "Cartago" (2003)- (Cartagena)
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