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Joop Bersee (born 1958) is a Dutch poet.


Bersee was born in 1958 in Holland. In 1982 he started writing poetry, and settled in 1989 in South Africa, although he later moved back to the Netherlands. He began writing poetry in English in 1991. His poems have been published in magazines, journals, ezines, and anthologies in South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom and India (in a Malayalam translation). He is the editor of Southern Rain Poetry.


  • '43 Poems' (2001)
  • 'The Blue Parade' (2002)
  • 'Kavithakal Ezhuthunna Oraal', 2005, FAL (sixty poems in a Malayalam translation).
  • 'Kawujabuli Ngani', 2005.
  • 'Eyrie', 2006, online.
  • 'Among The Living', 2007, online.
  • Interview with Alan Finlay
  • Southern Rain Poetry
  • The South African Small Publishers' Blog
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