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Nina Serrano (born 1934) is a poet, writer, storyteller, and independent media producer and lives in Oakland, California. Her poems are widely anthologized. Most recently, her poems appear in the literary anthology,Under the Fifth Sun: Latino Writers from California (Heyday Books) and three anthologies of peace poems (Estuary Press.) She is the author of Heartsongs: The Collected Poems of Nina Serrano (1980) and Pass it on!:How to start your own senior storytelling program in the schools (Stagebridge.) Currently, she serves as an Alameda County Arts Commissioner and is a former director of the San Francisco Poetry in the Schools program.

Poets in San Francisco

(A legend about Anais Nin and Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

by Nina Serrano

It feels good to write poems in San Francisco

But it would be better if someone

wanted to read listen and talk about poems

in San Francisco.

There is a place where poets meet and love each other

Once I thought it was San Francisco

but when I got there their coffee houses turned into dress stores.

I think the place where poets meet

lies in an inner space between

The ribs the lungs and hurting loneliness.

A poet fills his bags with rose petals

and empties it on the head

of another poet.

Her hair is full of petals.

There love poems rhymed and metered bloom dirty plume and festoon

and in that moment of raining flowers

is the place I want to be.

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