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Pauline Prior-Pitt is a British poet.


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Personal life and career

Pauline writes about the relationships between men and women, family life, the domestic scene, gynaecology, political issues, dresses, the ageing process, love and death.

Pauline lives in Grenitote in North Uist, an island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.


Pauline has written several books of poetry, including:

Waiting Women (1989). The original edition of 'Waiting Women' was reprinted seven times. This revised edition, first published in 1999 (with a foreword by Maureen Lipman), includes most of the poems from 'In the Heat of the Moment'.

In the Heat of the Moment (1991).

Still Standing in the Plant Pot (1994).

Addresses & Dreams (1997). The revised edition of Addresses & Dreams includes selected poems from Still Standing in the Plant Pot. The poems continue themes that Pauline began in her book Waiting Women; poems about women's lives, their friendships, children, parents, clothes, domestic chores, love and death. In this collection, she takes a look at ageing.

Storm Biscuits (2001). In Storm Biscuits, Pauline introduces us to her landscape poems, written since she moved to live on North Uist.

Ironing with Sue Lawley (2005). In this collection, Pauline has earthed her inner landcape poems about women's lives with the island landscape where she now lives.

Pauline has also written the pamphlet North Uist Sea Poems. Between October 2004 and January 2005, Pauline visited Sollas beach on North Uist regularly, stood at the edge of the sea and wrote about how it was on that day. The poems are bound together in a pamphlet, designed and handmade by Pauline.


In May 2006, Pauline Prior-Pitt's North Uist Sea Poems won the prestigious Callum Macdonald Memorial Award for pamphlet poetry. The judges were unanimous in their decision and the award was presented by Lesley Duncan, poetry editor of The Herald, at a ceremony at the National Library of Scotland on 15 May 2006.

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