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Richard Graves (May 4, 1715 – November 23, 1804) was an English poet and novelist.

Born at Mickleton Manor, Mickleton, Gloucestershire, he was a student at Abingdon School and Pembroke College, Oxford. He was a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford and rector of Claverton, near Bath, and an enthusiastic collector of poems, a translator, essayist and correspondent. His best-known work is the picaresque novel The Spiritual Quixote (1773).

He served as chaplain to Mary Townshend, Countess Chatham and as private tutor to Prince Hoare and Thomas Malthus. He was a close friend of William Shenstone, lowborn Ralph Allen and William Warburton

He had a son of the same name who was vicar of Great Malvern.


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