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Taylor McDowell Mali is an American slam poet and high school teacher. His most popular poems include "What Teachers Make", "Like Lilly Like Wilson" and "The Impotence of Proofreading". Mali has appeared in the documentaries SlamNation and Slam Planet, and on HBO's Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry. Mali has won the National Poetry Slam Championships a record four times and won the Jury Prize for Best Solo Performance at the 2001 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival for his one-man show "Teacher! Teacher!"


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  • What Learning Leaves- 2002, Hanover Press
  • Top Secret Slam Strategies- 2001, Words Worth Ink
  • Of Fathers, Men, and Other Things - 1993, Kansas State University (Thesis - M.A.)


  • Best of NYC-Urbana 2003: The Very Best of 2003
  • Best of NYC-Urbana 2002: Bowery Poetry Club
  • Conviction
  • Best of NYC-Urbana 2001: Spoken Word Underground
  • The Difference Between Left and Wrong
  • Poems from the Like Free Zone


  • Taylor Mali & Friends Live at the Bowery Poetry Club
  • SlamNation - 1998
  • VIDEO - Taylor Mali's "What Teachers Make" Speech
  • VIDEO - Taylor Mali's "The the impotence of Proofreading" Speech

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